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#ClickAndBlogAStory – Envy (& a poem)

Dear Isheera’s Healing Circles Readers,


Envy – my thoughts in prose & poetry 🙂

Joining in, and Linking up with Dew and Zainab for their #ClickAndBlogAStory Linky Party every Sunday.

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Week 8 Prompt: Envy 

I know ENVY is something that we don’t talk about often – It isn’t a ‘good feeling’ to have. However, it is important for us to be present to the real question – what envy does to you – inside! 
Envy impacts our sense of well-being, our happiness, our personality. It takes it’s toll on all your senses – depletes energies from your aura, from your chakras.
Thus it is very important to be aware of when you feel envy, understand it and deal with it.


ENVY (a poem)

You know it’s wrong
you feel it anyway

do you know
it eats away at you
corrodes your soul
bites your heart

your light flickers
from winds within

Let it go
embrace yourself
such as you are

for someday when you will look back
you will see
it wasn’t what it seemed!

Blessed Be!


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