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#Happy by @soulmomin @vaishali178 #isheeria

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

“Do I deserve to be Happy?”

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When something goes very wrong in life, as it often does, it is a human tendency to ask: How can this happen in my life? Why me? Do I deserve to be happy? Ever?


So also, when something goes very well in our life, we often ask: What have I done to deserve so much in life? How fortunate I am to receive this! I must have surely done something good in my previous life. Do I even really deserve so much of goodness?


These reactions often make me wonder: why are we always hard on ourselves? Why do we feel either shortchanged or less deserving? Why are we constantly questioning what we deserve and what we don’t? Are we even supposed to judge what we deserve?

We have a tendency to let self-doubt creep in every now and then. A lot of our thinking process is conditioned by the way we perceive ourselves from the society’s point of view. There is so much of insecurity about our state of happiness. Sometimes I wonder, is it due to our patriarchal conditioning that as women we are taught to expect less?



The truth is that, each one of us deserves happiness. It is our birthright to be happy come what may. We owe it to ourselves to follow our dreams and remain happy.

But what happens when life is tough and when the chips are down?

Here are tips to remain happy when happiness seems like a struggle:


  • Our quality of thoughts affect our state of happiness so think happy thoughts 
  • There is no light without darkness – embrace your challenges 
  • All the pain we go through is meant to make us stronger and better humans – learn the lessons 
  • Do things that make you happy, that fill your heart with a sense of fulfillment 
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Each of us are on our own unique journeys. Comparison restricts our level of happiness 
  • Be with people who encourage you and not constantly put you down 
  • Nurture hobbies that help your creativity 
  • Don’t brood over the past or worry about the future. Live in the present moment – it has a lot to offer 
  • Forgive others who hurt you and move on 
  • Do things that enhance your life


Remember, it is we who are responsible for our own happiness. Then why seek it from outside? Why keep away the abundance of happiness away from you? Be assertive and say a big YES! I definitely deserve to be happy. And I want it now and here. Not tomorrow or in the near future.  But today. Every day. Every moment.

Go for it!


Vaishali has been a reader of my blog, who has become a good friend. Her words of encouragement in the comment sections of my blog posts has given me heart many a time! and her writings I have resonated with! Our liking each other’s writings has led to some interesting conversation connects!

Thank you Vaishali for being a part of my birthday celebrations.

About the wonderful Author:

Vaishali Gandhi calls herself a constant explorer. She is a curious seeker of the fascinating ways of the universe. Her desire to share her varied experiences in single parenting, seeking spiritual growth and self-empowerment gave rise to her blog ‘SoulMom’. Professionally, she has a diverse set of skills across advertising and marketing communications. She is keenly pursuing digital marketing opportunities. She is an innate artist and loves to experiment with different media. Her passions include travel, photography, meditation and fitness.

Connect with her on:

Blog: http://soulmom.in/

Facebook: soulmomin

Twitter: soulmomin

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