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Reflections on being #Happy & #Happiness on #isheeria


Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles,


About a year ago, I was facing a crossroads in my life and the question which overwhelmed me was simply – Do I deserve to be Happy?


isheeria happy happiness


None of the books, movies or T.V. serials or my own meditations gave me a clear direction. So I reached out to a community of Thinkers and asked them this question and what followed has changed the trajectory of my thought process!

Here’s a peek into what was going on in my mind when I reached out for an answer – https://isheeriashealingcircles.com/isheeria-secret-question-unveiled/


It is indeed true!  “Ask and You Shall Receive” – Mathew 7:7


Join me today as I take a trip down memory lane & share some of my favorite thoughts & key learnings –


isheeria happy celebrations



The #Happy Carnival got started off with the lovely Geethica sharing some practical thoughts on Being Happy.

My favorite thought was the simple and straightforward: “You are born to be Happy”.

My key learning was, again, a simple realisation, that I, and we, do without realising use statements which are negative or which bring us down. It is upto ME, upto each one of us to change our own internal dialogues and change our mindset!

(you can read her complete post here).



Next up, was a lovely sharing of thoughts by Romila.

My favorite thought – “Yes, I deserve to be happy because my pain is not useful to anyone”.

My key learning – I must realise that the past, is past and stop living in it. Regret and memories of things past (good and bad) only add to our misery.

So, take a deep breathe, let go of what is no more, move forward, be Happy!


(You can read her complete post here).



Third up is Sarah Noffke, 1 of my favorite authors.

My favorite thought – “Happiness is neither a fish that swims into your net, nor one you must cast out to sea to catch. It is the net and the pole itself”.

My key learning – Inner fulfilment and happiness are separate ‘beasts’. Happiness is a choice.

So tomorrow I will again work towards my goals and tasks and towards my inner fulfilment. Today, I’m happy, as I choose Happiness.

(You can read her complete post here).


tina isheeria happy happiness



The lovely Vasantha Vivek is a survivor, and she shared her list of 14 things which make her happy. Just reading her list made me realise that each of these things are the ingredients for a happy & fulfilled life! A recipe we all know and yet it took Vasantha putting it together in this list for it to really hit home for me!


My favorite thought  & Key Learning – significant of “This moment”

(You can read her complete post here).



Dipika taught me something very powerful through a short story. The power Hope. Life happens, S#^t happens, but you bridge the gap and cave out a path to a new life.

 (You can read her complete post here).


Happy-Sirimiri isheeria


Dr. Bushra is young and yet so wise! Indeed, when I mess up, the 1st & only thing I do is blame myself! even when my ‘brain’ tells me that it is not my fault, yet I feel the brunt of the failure!

My favorite thought – “The Secret to happiness is freedom …and the secret to freedom is courage” – Thucydides.

My key learning – Others wont come to solve your problems! & ‘You are the hero of your own life’.

(You can read her complete post here).



Dr. Amrita shares the 9 things she does everyday to stay happy from inside.

My favorite thought – “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be” Abraham Lincoln.

My key learning – Happiness is yet the plan, but it is also the journey! We mustn’t make it to be such a big ‘thing’ that we take away from the joy of every moment.

(You can read her complete post here).




Srabonee, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world

My favorite thought – “As kids we never needed other to make us happy. We had the ability to find happiness in almost everything”.

My key learning – Don’t objectify ‘happiness’, don’t go looking at other people, things or a job for happiness or just expecting it to come knocking on the door. ‘IT’ is already inside ME!

(You can read her complete post here).



Next up the lovely Ridhii (whom some of you may recognise from the Elements series she wrote on this blog), very rightly points out, that at some point of the other, each one of us has asked ourselves the questions : “Do I Deserve to be Happy?”.

My favorite thought – “Whatever happens, do we stop breathing? So, why question happiness”.

My key learning – As unhappiness has a way of multiplying, so does happiness! So, step back, take a look at yourself and at your beliefs.

(You can read her complete post here).


reflections on happy happiness isheeria



Another favorite author of mine, Robert J Fluegel illustrates through a story so many beautiful and pertinent aspects of happiness and its rules. I really did a deep dive with this one. I can’t quite explain the epiphany, so you will have to read it for yourself. You can read his complete post here.


My favorite thought – “You see son, the string wasn’t holding the kite down, it was the resistance of the string the held the kite aloft.”



The effervescent Mayuri shares her take on Happiness and likens it to perfumes!

My favorite thought – “Pray for everyone’s happiness, even the people who may have taken away yours, as only when people are happy would they let others be happy”.

My key learning – Happiness is like ‘’perfume’ – it is individualistic, and we don’t need to apologise for having different things make us happy than the usual  things which makes other happy!

(You can read her complete post here).




The Think-tank Bianca Bass shares in verse about forgiving yourself, because ultimately you deserve to be happy!

 (You can read her complete post here).



Aditi shares her insights into what makes up this whole internal challenge of being happy.

My favorite thought (& a powerful one!) – “Happiness is NOT a state where everything is perfect”!!!

My key learning – get past this inherent need to make others happy, get past the conditioning, just stop!

Whenever questions such as, ‘I didn’t achieve enough’ or ‘I didn’t do enough with my life’ hover above your head, just stop.
Stop, give yourself a break. Stop, breathe in, and breathe out gratitude. Stop judging yourself. It is hard enough that others do. Stop and let yourself be happy. Make that choice. You deserve it.

(You can read her complete post here).


Happiness aditi isheeria



Vaishali in her thoughtful way, asked this: when something goes very well in our life, we often ask: What have I done to deserve so much in life? How fortunate I am to receive this! I must have surely done something good in my previous life. Do I even really deserve so much of goodness?

Her Tips on remaining happy despite struggles have been a cornerstone for me over the past year.

  • My favorite thought – “There is no light without darkness – embrace your challenges”.


My key learning – Remember, it is we who are responsible for our own happiness. Then why seek it from outside?

(You can read her complete post here).



Next up, the lovely Shinjhini draws upon the Rumi Oracle to delve into an answer about Happiness.




My favorite thought & key learning –

As Alana Fairchild says about this card: “We may hit obstacle after obstacle and create more terror in our storytelling – that life is such a pain, such a struggle, that success may not be for us, that we are forgotten and unheard. Yet we could equally choose to wonder if obstacle after obstacle, closed door after closed door, is just a prompt to look for the open to window to climb through.” 

 (You can read her complete post here).



Tina made me think about – Did I really know what made ME happy? Her own sharing of what keeps her happy has been helpful too.

My favorite thought – “Happiness is when life fulfills your needs. I said needs, mind you, not wants!”

My key learning –  It is not easy being happy, yet it is very easy to be happy. The first step to that is making the right choices.

(You can read her complete post here).



Next up, the lovely Natasha shared her thoughts on Happiness in her unique voice of a warrior!

My favorite thought – “when posed with a question about me deserving to be happy, I vehemently say I deserve all the happiness the universe has to offer and to stay that way till I cross over the rainbow”.

My key learning – Stop trying to control everything. Let Go!

(You can read her complete post here).


Daisaku Ikeda quote isheeria



Gayatri shared her tips to keep fighting on, and has shown me through her own example over the last 1 year, of tackling struggles and creating the life she wanted!   

My favorite thought & key learning –
To be happy one has to believe that he/she deserves to be happy. Because that belief keeps us fighting all the battles and finding solutions for problems in life till happiness is found or is at least visible in the near future. The moment we lose that belief, it is half the battle lost already. Nobody’s life is perfect. We all have our own shares of ups and downs. But people who keep fighting the battle and look for solutions turn out to be the winners. Those who think that they are destined to suffer, to pay off the karmic debts or for any other reasons, will stop all the efforts to find happiness and will make peace with their sufferings.

(You can read her complete post here).



Geetika nails it on the head as she rightly talks about how WE get judged all the time, about everything! From the smallest to the biggest things!


My favorite thought – “Being Happy is the food for our soul”.

My key learning – Yes, it takes courage, but go ahead, take care of yourself, be Happy!

(You can read her complete post here).



isheeria happy happiness


Finally, the 20th Post with insights on Happiness were shared by the powerhouse Richa, the founder of Blogchatter.

My favorite thought –

My key learning – Sign a Pact : “Each time I forgive myself, I also forgive someone who I believe has wronged me. I re-work my own Karma Sheet.”

(You can read her complete post here).


You can read the entire set of 20 thought-provoking and uplifting and reassuring posts from The Happy Celebrations here.


isheeria happy celebrations


Leave us a comment if this post or any of the posts in the Happy Celebrations resonated for you – I hope you find in them the strength to take what you most certainly deserve – HAPPINESS!

What makes you Happy? What KEEPS you HAPPY even in the face of challenges and struggles & real life?

Leave me with a tid-bit of your own learnings and lets all Be HAPPY together!


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